TAFE (full name: Technical And Further Education) is Australia’s national general vocational and technical education form. It is set up by the Australia government, TAFE is responsible for the implementation of education and training. The TAFE’s higher diploma is issued by the Australia government, which is equal to the level of China’s Higher Vocational education. TAFE is an important part of higher education in Australia, it is a large education system which is invested and managed by the federal government and the various state governments. In Australia, there are a total of 750 thousand college students, there are about 1270 thousand students in TAFE system. This number is 1.7 times of the number of students in Australia’s ordinary colleges and universities.


  • Every year, TAFE is able to provide thousands of professional and non-professional courses. They are mostly base on the needs of the development of social and economic life which are really useful. TAFE’s courses are not only designed by the educational decision-making unit, but the industry and commerce companies are also involved in the design process.